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Rolgrip Star

With STAR SYSTEM, the intermediate modules that lock the tools are totally free from the connections necessary for the transmission of compressed air: inside the STAR clamp a particular system allows the passage of compressed air only when the clamp “recognizes” a suitable automatic module.

In the event that the STAR bracket has to block any other element (special tool, manual intermediate etc …) there is no emission of air and the bracket behaves like a normal manual bracket.

Article No. With intermediate Price
Rolgrip Star_int100 INT100
Rolgrip Star_int120HD INT120HD
Rolgrip Star_int150HD INT150HD
Rolgrip Star_int120-40HD INT120-40 HD
Rolgrip Star_int150-40HD INT150-40HD
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Automatic pneumatic clamping system for upper tools


Automatic pneumatic clamping system for upper tools


Upper bracket 13401-A-ST “STAR SYSTEM” (TEDA patent) energy connection system essential for the functioning of the system allows you to completely remove one or more units in any machine position, guaranteeing total flexibility of tooling.


FRONTAL introduction / extraction of the standard European type tool and automatic return at the stop.


Unit height = 100mm.
Bending axis = 7mm.
Also available for 20mm axis.


Energy connection through patented “STAR SYSTEM”.
NO PRESENCE OF PIPES in the work area and free removal of modules immediately in any position.


Possibility of fitting tools on the rear side of the clamping units by bracket mod. 11008 (manual clamping) not included in the supply