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The impacts of climate change are happening now.

Here are some examples from the latest analysis by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the main international organization for the assessment of climate change:

  • The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere has reached 412 ppm (a similar value has never been registered)
  • Analyzing the average annual temperatures from the 20th century, the last year below average was 1976
  • The last 4 years have been the hottest ever
  • The planet is heating up at a rate 10 times higher than any other heating of the recent era
  • The Arctic loses ice at a rate of 3,000 cubic km per decade and warms up much faster than the rest of the planet. For Greenland, the pace is 280 billion tons a year.

These conditions did not occur for the normal evolution of the planet, but are a direct consequence of our lifestyle. In 2019 the Earth Overshoot Day (the day in which humanity has consumed all the resources produced by the planet in the whole year) was July 29th. This means that we have consumed our planet's resources much faster than the earth is able to produce.

To maintain our standard of living we would need the space of 1.75 Earths.

The effects, including floods, droughts and fires, will become increasingly frequent (just look at the frightening fires that hit Siberia this year).

According to the latest reports from the United Nations and the IPCC, in the coming decades we will see real climatic migrations, due to the increase in desertified areas on the planet.

A post-apocalyptic scenario worthy of a movie ... unfortunately, however, these are more than reliable forecasts, and if in the past it was thought that this point was unreachable, if not in a very remote future, now we risk that the next generations will live in a planet completely different from the world we know.

What can we do? How can we as individual citizens slow down or reverse this trend?

The answer might be: "Little". But even with small gestures we can do so much.Recycle, move in a sustainable way, reduce energy waste, reuse instead of throwing away. They are small actions that can make a big difference.We at Rolleri have decided to commit ourselves and to be an active part of the solution to this problem. The first step is always to inform yourself and to share this information as much as possible, both within our company and outside. In this regard, Blechexpo exhibition in Stuttgart will be an opportunity to discuss these issues with people and companies from all over the world.As for the practical aspects, we are working to reduce our impact through the digitalisation of information materials, and the use of recycled paper where necessary.Another important aspect is represented by the desire to reduce the consumption of plastic and all non-biodegradable materials.Even the energy used to run our plants will be "clean" energy. They are small steps, small actions that, if shared, can radically change our impact on the world. Together we can really change things, we can rekindle hope of a better world, for us and for future generations

We do our part.

Do yours.