Correct sharpening can give the tool the same characteristics as when we bought it, but the machine we use to sharpen them has a strategic importance to obtain this benefit, as all our tools (and the vast majority of the tools you have in your tool park) are made with High Quality Special Steels, so you must follow specific procedures when sharpening them to avoid compromising or damaging them.

We must use plenty of coolant during sharpening, otherwise the cutting edge of the tool could easily chip or get damaged, remove the burrs generated by the sharpening process by hand, and demagnetize the tools before returning them to the warehouse.

This machine has been designed to sharpen tools for punching machines, which means that it must respect precise characteristics regarding the structure, the power and speed of sharpening, coolant.

Properly sharpened tools bring the following advantages:

  • Flatter sheets;
  • Less noise;
  • Less stress on tools and machine;
  • Better quality of the holes made;
  • Longer tool life;
  • Less purchase of new tools;
  • Saving money;


  • Solid and robust structure;
  • Sharpening area made entirely of aluminum (thanks to the excellent stability of the aluminum used, our machine has a high level of finish on the sharp surfaces);
  • Siemens Touch Screen User Interface for easy interaction;
  • Information panel of operations and alarms in progress;
  • Automatic tool height recognition (no manual adjustment needed);
  • Contact pressure controlled and adjusted automatically;
  • Automatic adjustment of the sharpening speed;
  • Very large refrigerant tank (40lt) with triple filtration;
  • Sliding door with safety stop while working;
  • No adapter needed to sharpen tools;
  • Management of both straight and inclined sharpening;
  • Tool drawer;
  • High quality grinding wheel (CBN);
  • Operation light (Red, orange, green);
  • Washing system with water gun;
  • Pneumatic sensor for rapid tool height detection;
  • Double light for sharpening area lighting;


Press brake
Punching machine
Panel bending
Shear cutter

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