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Up-Grind and tool sharpening service


Tools sharpening can give back to a punch all features as first purchased, but the machine that should be used for regrinding tool is also very important as all our tools (and most of the tool you have in your tool’s inventory) are made of High-Quality Special steel, so you must follows some specific procedures for regrind these tools in a proper way and avoid to damage them.

You must use coolant when grinding, if you do not punch edge would be cracked easily, polishing by hand after grinding is necessary to remove burrs on punch edge that is naturally generated by re-sharpening operation, and always demagnetized the tools before bringing them back to storage.

This machine should be designed specific for punching tool, and it’s mean that should respect some specific criteria for regrind speed, tool coolant and structure.

If your tools are sharpened correctly:

  • Flatter sheets
  • Less Noise
  • Less stress on tool and machine
  • Increased holes quality
  • Tools lasting longer
  • Reducing new tools purchasing amount
  • Saving money


  • Robust construction
  • Fully Aluminum constructed grinding area
  • Sensorless Automatic height sensing of tools (never need any adjustment)
  • High Capacity Cooling Tank with triple filtration (40lt)
  • Easy To Use Siemens Touch Screen HMI
  • Information panel of operations and alarms in progress
  • Sliding door with Security switch
  • No additional accessories needed for tool clamping
  • Straight and angular grinding
  • Tool Drawer
  • Grinding pressure controlled
  • Automatic grinding speed adjustment
  • Illuminated Grinding Area
  • Security sensor equipped doors
  • High Quality Grinding Wheel
  • Washing system with water gun


Rolleri also offers a tool sharpening service.

If we do not sharpen the tools at the right time the performance, already compromised, will get worse and worse without following the increase in radius.
We therefore believe that in order to achieve maximum performance from the tools, we must sharpen when the cutting edge wear radius is about 0.15mm.

Tool life more than doubled when we sharpen them correctly and more often!

A correct sharpening can give the tool back the same characteristics as when we bought it, this is why Rolleri offers a tool sharpening service, to allow everyone to make the most of the potential of their tools. Thanks to our fleet of machines we are able to provide a quality service for Type R1 and Type R2 tools.

R1 type

  • A-B stations and Multitool max Ø 12.7
  • C-D-E Stations
  • A–B stations and multitool max Ø 2.7 whisper and rooftop
  • C–D–E stations whisper and rooftop
  • Sharpening type double valley shear
  • Sharpening type four way shear
  • Sharpening from flat to whisper A–B stations and Multitool max Ø 12.7
  • Sharpening from flat to whisper C-D-E stations
  • Sharpening rooftop punches with flat part

R2 type

  • Up to Ø31
  • Over Ø31
  • Up to Ø31whisper and rooftop
  • Over Ø31 whisper and rooftop
  • Sharpening type double valley shear
  • Sharpening type four way shear
  • Sharpening from flat to whisper size 1
  • Sharpening from flat to whisper size 2


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Are your tools sharpened?

Tools sharpening can give back to a punch all characteristics as first purchased. We can get more than double of the hits compared to a punch not sha…