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Article No. Length Weight Model Price
RVT100-1.500 500 mm 9,4
RVT100-1.440s 440 mm F 8,6
RVT100-1/SP Spring
RVT100-1/IN Insert
RVT100-1/DO Dowel
RVT100-1/U U clip
Rolla-V die RVT series in 42 Cr. max.load 1000 kN/m. min. angle 35°.
Rolla-V die RVT series in 42 Cr. max.load 1000 kN/m. min. angle 35°.
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Rolla-V die RVT series in 42 Cr. Max.load 1000 kN/m. Minimum angle 35°.

440 mm F

The Rolla V dies are distinguished from the traditional ones by the presence of 2 oscillating rotors which support the sheet metal before the bending process. Their peculiarity consists in the rotation of the rotors that accompanies the sheet metal during the bending with a drastic reduction of the friction resistance and of the length of the minimum edge. This type of tool applies the concept of tangential bending whereby the behavior of the sheet is different: this is more noticeable if holes and slots are present near the bending areas. Thanks to this concept, these areas do not undergo the classic deformations more commonly known as "slurries".

  • Sheet metal supported during bending process
  • Minimum movement of the sheet metal on the inserts reduces bending marks
  • Internal bending radius is the same of the punch tip radius
Sheet metal thickness 0,7 mm/0,275 in 1,1 mm/0,433 in 1,5 mm/0,59 in
with "V" 8 mm/0,314 in 8 mm/0,314 in 8 mm/0,314 in
Max. Load kN/m 1000 1000 1000
Min. Angle 40° 35° 35°
Necessary Strength - Mild steel* 50 130 270
Necessary Strength - Stainless steel** 70 200 410
Min. External edge  3,0 mm/0,118 in 3,9 mm/0,153 in 4,2 mm/0,165 in
Max. external radius 3,0 mm/0,118 in 2,6 mm/0,102 in 2,2 mm/0,086 in

*Necessary Strenght - Mild steel max.450 N/mm2

**Necessary Strenght - Stainless steel max.700 N/mm2



RVX1 grease is a lithium lubricant with particular properties. Thanks to its additives it bears the loads of compression. It protects the parts subjected to sliding. Very suitable for preserving the seat of the inserts or rotors and avoiding abrasion. The single pack contains 500 g of grease.

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Fix the RVX-TAPE protections on the dies for those applications where the sheet metal must not show any signs. These are adhesive strips made with composite materials able to resist compression and to maintain a particularly compressible and anti-friction contact surface with the sheet.

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This tool is created to facilitate the release of the spring from its lower pin. Thanks to its shape, the tool allows you to start the operation in absolute safety and to replace worn parts very quickly.

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Rolla-V die RVT series in 42 Cr. Max.load 2500 kN/m. Minimum angle 47°.


Rolla-V die RVT series in 42 Cr. Max.load 1500 kN/m. Minimum angle 47°.