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Punching thicker material ( <3~4mm MS / <2~3mm SS)

Extra Back Taper on the punch tip - 0.5 ° per side (standard 0.2 ° per side)

Corner radius - 0.5mm C.R. on shaped punch (Min.)

  • Sharp punches and dies;
  • Multiply the standard game x 1.4;
  • Extra Back-taper on the punches;
  • Ratio between diameter min. punch and material thickness of at least 1.5 ~ 2;
  • Check the wear of tools often;
  • Lubricate the plate, punch and guide;
  • Make the machine work slower;
  • Use heavy duty tools (if available);
  • Check if the tool holder springs are in place;
  • Use a larger station with special tools.