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Article No. Length Price
UT2.170.20.R1.TOP.200 200
UT2.170.20.R1.TOP.FA 250 A
UT2.170.20.R1.TOP.FB 200 B
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Upper tool TOP series - Groove width 45mm - Working height 170 mm - Bending angle 20° - Radius 1 mm

Upper Tool


sectioning= 250mm sect. 2x25/30/35/40/45/50

B sectioning= 200mm sez. 30/35/40/45/50


Right/Left L=100 mm

TOP series

The TOP series of panel bending tools is the result of the innovative Rolleri project, which allows the creation of a tool with the same characteristics as the standard RAS tool, but modular.

This tool is divided into 2 parts, the support which is the part anchored to the crosspiece of the panel bender and the lower interchangeable part which is fixed to the support by means of screws.

The advantages of this equipment are remarkable:

  • Usually the most worn part is always the tip which comes into contact with the sheet; having a tool divided into two parts to replace the worn one (the tip) it will not be necessary to redo it all consequently you will have an advantage both economically and production times.
  • Not only is it possible to replace the lower part if damaged, but also in the case of special processes, in fact we can supply a series of shaped or modified tips separately and mount them on a single support, having in fact several tools in a single solution.
  • Despite the cutting of the tool, the resistance and the sectioning will remain perfectly identical to the standard one.

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