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RolFilm and Tensioner

Article No. Length Weight Model Price
Rolfilm3-0.4-100 3 m 0.3
Rolfilm10-0.4-100 10 m 0.7
Rolfilm20-0.4-100 20 m 3
Rolfilm30-0.4-100 30 m 3.5
Rolfilm3-0.4-150 3 m 0.3
Rolfilm10-0.4-150 10 m 0.7
Rolfilm20-0.4-150 20 m 3
Rolfilm30-0.4-150 30 m 3.5
Rolfilm3-0.6-150 3 m 0.3
Rolfilm10-0.6-150 10 m 0.7
Rolfilm20-0.6-150 20 m 3
Rolfilm30-0.6-150 30 m 3.5
Rolfilm3-0.6-200 3 m 0.3
Rolfilm10-0.6-200 10 m 0.7
Rolfilm20-0.6-200 20 m 3
Rolfilm30-0.6-200 30 m 3.5
Rolfilm3-2-150 3 m 0.3
Rolfilm10-2-150 10 m 1.5
Rolfilm20-2-150 20 m 3
Rolfilm30-2-150 30 m 3.5
CT 6 kg Tensioner
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Protective foil built with different thicknesses, to place between the die and the sheet metal.

Rolfilm is one of the most common systems to prevent bending marks on the sheet metal. It's a protective foil that is placed between the die and the sheetmetal 
Rolleri offers different thicknesses based on the material: min. thickness is 0.4 mm (0.02") max. thikness di 2.0 mm (0.08").

ROLFILM comes in 3 different widths: 100, 150 e 200 mm (3.94",5.90" e 7.87"), so it's possible to use all the available surface by translating on the X axis. for example, with a die of 200 mm opening, we have 15/20 position on the same segment of rolfilm.

4 different lengths available: 3,10,20,30 meters.

Tensioner CT is a really helpful optional in order to better use Rolfilm.Each Tensioner (works in pair) is placed at one end of the die by a clamp. The foil is placed on the upper part and the tension is calibrated by the 2 CT tensioner

Rolfilm has high elastic property and compressive strenght, so yopu will need very little modification to the CNC program.

Our our advice is to combine the use of rolfilm with increased radius dies.

Increased radius dies


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