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GM 75x50

Article No. Length Weight Price
GM75x50.835 835 mm 3,50
GM75x50.415 415 mm 1,70
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Polyurethane inserts: H=50mm/1,968" W=75mm/2,952"

The solution including polyurethane inserts and their respective holders, is proposed in order to help with radiused bends.

With this method you'll obtain 2 main advantages: mark free sheet metal and excellent radius regularity

The polyurethane insert has the ability to compress in the center during the push of the upper tool, to "embrace" the sheet and force it to remain adjacent to the radius punch. so we have a support for sheet metal that deforms according to the radius of the punch.

It's important to know  that the maximum sheet thickness that can be used for this application is 20/10 mm. In fact, Rolleri offers different sizes of polyurethane inserts according to the radius required.

As for the degrees of the profile to be bent, there is a "full" insert (for the more "open" folds) and an insert with a central hole which allows greater compression. Thanks to this deformation, it is possible to obtain more closed angles.

The support, on the other hand, has to contain the deformations of the polyurethane insert in order to model it only according to the radius of the punch. For this reason, the appropriate container is required for each insert, so that the deformations are "guided" in the right directions.

The last element to consider is represented by the lateral containment plates PSTCON: laterally it is always necessary to contain the insert in order not to have uncontrolled deformations that cause an irregularity on the bent profile that could be more open in the last 100 mm. Normally this solution is combined with the radius tool holders of sections R1, R2, R3 and R4 with their respective radius elements.


Holder in C45 for polyurethane inserts, H=100 mm base 60 mm