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Article No. Length Weight Price
TN80.14.835 835 mm 15.00
TN80.14.415 415 mm 7.50
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C45 die for nylon insert H=75, base=60. Max.load 1000 kN/m

Nylon inserts and their respective holders are a suitable solution for preventing bending marks on the sheet metal. The insert have almost the same V of a standard die.
The most important difference is that the material is not steel but Nylon, so the friction between the insert and the sheet metal is reduced.the contact surface is "soft" and allows to avoid any scratch.
For each insert ther are different V opening available (from 6mm to 16 mm) and different angles (88°,60°, 45° and 30°)

The insert is always positioned inside its holder made specifically to be able to contain it without excessive clearance. Externally the support has fixing screws on the operator's side to facilitate the mounting operation. The external measures of the insert body are: 14, 20, 30 mm (0.55 ", 0.79", 1.18 ") and these are made according to the thickness that must be bent in order to give greater strength to the insert  based on the tonnage set on program.

This application is recommended for profiles with bend and counter-bend by using the stem of the die for the negative bend. A DXF is provided in order to correctly program the CNC. The operator of the press is invited to check the bending angles more frequently for any corrections caused by slight wear on the radius of the die, especially with new inserts.