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RIF - Supporting Arm

Article No. Length Weight Price
RIF500 500 7,0
RIF1000 1000 12,0
RIF1500 1500 17,0
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RIF is a front reference tool for sheet metal even of big dimensions.

It is a support mounted directly to the front part of a press brake table and thanks to slotted holes drilled to the fixing plates, it can be adjusted in height to make sure it is always at the same height of the dies mounted.

A millimeter ruler goes all along RIF support to position front stops properly. On the same RIF you may have more stops for different bending sequences. Such stops have been designed not to interfere with the bending process when they are not in use. Furthermore, to position sheet metal more precisely, you can use micrometric stop, which has centesimal adjustment precision.

RIF supports are available in different lengths and can be mounted single or in pair