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MSA - magnet

Article No. Model Dimensions Weight Price
MSA.D MSA.D (Right) Per piece 1,4
MSA.S MSA.S (Left) Per piece 1,4
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Extremely versatile and flexible magnetic bracket

When do i need MSA?

When the sheet metal to be bent  lay on just one of the back gauges. In this way we will have a bending line with the right inclination respect to the external edge of the sheet, because we use the 2 supports for a repeatable bend. MSA can be swiveled and this means that thanks to the various inclination possibilities and back gauge, we can handle even small sheet metal with absolute precision. It is a really easy-to-use system and is fixed directly on the die through very powerful magnets. There is an MSA-D model to have the reference on the right of the sheet and an MSA-S to have it on the left.


The MSA is a very useful device to use as a reference side for sheet metal. When to use the MSA team? When the sheet to be bent can only rest on one…


Side reference to be fixed directly to the tool


Fixed side reference to be applied directly to the tool