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Video - The slug pulling

Today we are talking about a really common problem, the slug pulling.

It’s a common issue when slug remains attached to the surface of the punch after the hole is performed. Even if the slug remains attached for an instant, that can easily be enough time allow the slug to go on top of the sheet instead of being properly discarded.

There are several reasons for which the slug can be pulled up:

  • The most common is undoubtedly the programming of the sequence of hits when we make the corner notches of our components, scenario that we have already discussed in our first meeting
  • They can also rise due to a suction effect generated by the air present between the punch and the slug during the shearing phase
  • Oil presence both on the surface of the material and over the punch. Oil can act in this case as glue.
  • Magnetic attraction of the punch
  • not properly sharpened tools