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Special treatments


Rolleri BLACKFIRE is a particular tool coating which guarantees corrosion resistance and special design.
This chemical treatment is a long-lasting solution to surface oxidation. During the phosphatising process, the metal surface of tools changes because of phosphatic crystals formation, which are chemically bound to the tool steel. We can take advantage of these chemical compounds to increase corrosion resistance, so that your tools will have longer operational life. The glossy black colour of BLACKFIRE represents a new technology which combines usage advantages and better aesthetics.
Tools with BLACKFIRE treatment have different delivery time than standard tools.

Surface hardness increased on the whole tool body
No to rust and oxidation
Better aesthetic impact


Take advantage of Rolleri new and special surface treatment. This new improvement gives you the following big advantages:

  • No metal residue left on tools during bending of galvanized sheet metal or other sheet metal that tends to leave residue
  • No need to clean tools from residue
  • Down-time reduction due to tool cleaning and consequently increase in productivity
  • Tool protection from oxidation
  • Tools aesthetically stand out
  • Reduced tool wear and consequently longer operational life
  • Lower chances to damage the sheet metal
  • Lower risk that the sheet metal gets stuck in the V die opening.

Self-cleaning and anti-seize treatment
No to oxidation
Aesthetic improvement