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How about having 7 dies in 1 tool?


Rolleri Vario is a patented system of variable "V" slots.
With this solution we can install a unique equipment on the press brake bench and vary the die openings through the CNC or through a manual system.
The main characteristics of the Rolleri Vario are ease of use, the capacity of 2500 kN / m or 3000 kN / m depending on the models, the slot angle which is 60 ° to better manage the elastic returns of the sheet and, above all, its modularity in length.
Rolleri Vario is born with single standard modules of 1000 mm (39.37 ") in length which are placed side by side and joined, transforming the tool into a single die with a maximum length that depends on the length of the press brake.
The models already on the market today have lengths from 1 meter to 12 meters.
A unique feature of the Rolleri Vario is that the individual units can also be released from each other, thus obtaining many different "V" on the same press brake for bending with
Thanks to this modularity it is possible to obtain different degrees and internal radii. Its operation, extremely practical, is characterized by a pneumatic system that releases the whole system from the underlying rack in order to quickly reach the position of the necessary "V". Reached the position through a circular vernier or through the CNC signal, we remove the air pressure (standard pressure of 6 bar) and the structure goes into position, ready to bend.
The time required to pass from the narrowest "V" to the widest "V" is 5 seconds even in the manual version. The system is supplied with an acoustic device capable of signaling the right position for each individual slot opening.

Another very important feature is the use of rotors instead of the more classic radius of conventional dies. These are heat-treated rotors that rotate on a central spindle that ensure the rotation even in presece of calamine. This application reduces the force needed for sheet metal bending by 25-30%.Rolleri Vario is built with high resistance steels and the base is induction hardened. It's also equipped with a protective sheet to quickly put on to protect the internal parts from dust and material residues
Rolleri offer a standard system with the narrowest "V" of 40 mm up tu the largest of 400 mm.
4 models available with maximum opening of 200 mm, 260mm, 300 mm and 400 mm with 20 or 25 mm pace.
Every system can be manual, with an indipendent control unit, or connected to the press brake CNC.
It's also possible to use rolleri Vario with an optional holder in order to use that as an adapter for type R1, R2, R3 and R4 dies
Rolleri Vario it's a mix of technology, practicality, safety and saving: Average setup time drops by 85%, no more unnecessary weights movement for the operator and lastr but not least, the investment is much more convenient compared to the cost of all single standard dies that you will have all-in-one with Rolleri Vario

Rolleri Vario

Rolleri Vario is a patented adjustable die system. We can equip a press brake with a single tool and change the system "V" opening through the CNC or …