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Rolleri Vario

Rolleri Vario is an adjustable die. It can come in manual, semiautomatic and automatic version and thanks to its modular structure with 1m segments its suitable for any type of work, and it’s compatible with every press brake.

Versiones available: manual, semi.automatic an automatic

ROTORS: reduction of necessary force of 25-30% and easy replacement in case of wear. In case of excessive wear, rollers can be changed

PLATES SYSTEM: Maximum adaptability of the system to bending procedures and balanced forces distribution

There are 4 Standard models of the Rolleri Vario:

  • VARIO 50-200: 7 V-openings with pitch 25
  • VARIO 40-260: 12 V-openings with 20 pitch
  • VARIO 50-300: 11 V-openings with 25 pitch
  • VARIO 50-400: 15 V-openings with 25 pitch


  • 2500KN/m bearing, resistance and reliability guaranteed
  • angle of the V is 60° for better management of the springback
  • thanks to a special adapter, it is possible to use VARIO die as an holder for dies with V opening < 50mm
  • A protective foil is added to the die in order to avoid that rust and residue of material compromise the proper functioning

Gearmotor with Integrated Direct Drive wired to CNC:
It doesn’t require an independent cabinet with a touch panel HMI but directly connectable to press brake controller for driving, feedbacks and safety.

All operations are performed through machine’s CNC.

Such device is a pretty new solution developed for a 12 meters press brake of a big manufacturer

Article No. Length Price
VARIO 40 - 260.1000 1000 mm
VARIO 50 - 200.1000 1000 mm
VARIO 50 - 300.1000 1000 mm
VARIO 50 - 400.1000

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