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Article No. Length Weight Model Price
RVPV3.500 500 mm 50,0
RVPV3.250 250 mm 20,0
RVPV3/SP Spring
RVPV3/IN Insert
RVPV3/DO Dowel
RVPV3/U U Clip
Adjustable "v" Rolla-v die in 42 Cr. max.load 2500 kN/m. min "V" 39 mm. Max "V" 94 mm.
Adjustable "v" Rolla-v die in 42 Cr. max.load 2500 kN/m. min "V" 39 mm. Max "V" 94 mm.
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Adjustable "V" Rolla-V die in 42 Cr. Max.load 2500 kN/m. Minimum "V" 39 mm. Maximum "V" 94 mm.

ROLLA-V adjustable

All the advantages regarding the internal bend radius obtainable with Rolla-V matrices also apply to the variable V models which, as their name indicates, have an adjustable groove opening. Each model (HD, 2, 2.5, 3 and 4) has its own parameters and it Rolleri can provide special punches according to the radius to be made; unfortunately there's no universal variable size punch (yet).


In order to facilitate the movement of RVM, RVPV3 and RVHD series, it's possible to mount  specific handles for manual lifting (where the weight permits) or mechanically operated through threaded holes. Thanks to this solution, positioning and removing the die from the press brake is an easy and safe operation.



RVX1 grease is a lithium lubricant with particular properties. Thanks to its additives it bears the loads of compression. It protects the parts subjected to sliding. Very suitable for preserving the seat of the inserts or rotors and avoiding abrasion. The single pack contains 500 g of grease.

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All adjustable models have 3 types of interchangeable inserts depending on the type of bend you want to make: flat inserts for standard folds, concave inserts for bending radius U-profiles and V-inserts for obtaining square U-profiles. The same die can make all these types of profiles just by changing inserts.


Fix the RVX-TAPE protections on the dies for those applications where the sheet metal must not show any signs. These are adhesive strips made with composite materials able to resist compression and to maintain a particularly compressible and anti-friction contact surface with the sheet.

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This tool is created to facilitate the release of the spring from its lower pin. Thanks to its shape, the tool allows you to start the operation in absolute safety and to replace worn parts very quickly.

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Rolleri Vario

Rolleri Vario is a patented adjustable die system. We can equip a press brake with a single tool and change the system "V" opening through the CNC or …