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Article No. Length Price
ROL3/2 PN 1550 1550 mm
ROL3/2 PN 2100 2100 mm
ROL3/2 PN 2550 2550 mm
ROL3/2 PN 3100 3100 mm
ROL3/2 PN 4100 4100 mm

ROL3/2 Mat. C45 - 42CrMo4


Control unit: PDU MOLT

  • Controls air pressure at entrance & at end of line of circuit
  • Multiplies air from compressor to ensure best clamp closure
  • Gives electric signal to CNC in case of lowering pressure, setting press brake in Alarm stop
  • All intermediates are connected to each other through pneumatic pipes and work with air at 12 bar to guarantee high clamping force
  • With multiplies air
  • Available also TOP VERSION supplied in a cabinet